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Visa to Laos

One of the most beautiful countries that border with Viet Nam is Laos. To travel to Laos it is necessary to have a Visa tourism to Laos, here we explain how to obtain Visa for Laos, which is the price of the visa to Laos and the requirements for processing the visa-on-arrival for Laos.

Visa on-arrival for Laos visa at the airport or border

Faster and more convenient to obtain the visa for Laos is the visa on arrival, also known as on-arrival visa for Laos, which has a natural duration of 30 days.
The visa for Laos is achieved without making any prior formality and without a letter of invitation. Here we explain the nationalities who can arrange visa on-arrival to Laos and also what documents are necessary to obtain the visa to Laos at the airport or at the border.

Documents required to obtain a visa on -arrival for Laos

These documents are required to present at the border with Laos Laotian authorities processed your visa:
  • Visa application form: you get the same border, although for convenience you can download it here)download application form for visa to Laos).
  • 1 photo size card (Note: at some border posts require 2 photographs).
  • Valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and at least 1 blank page.
  • Payment of fees in cash and in United States dollars. Also accept euros and Thai baht (Note: the amount to be paid in euros is the same as in dollars).
  • Immigration form: paper which will give us the airline and that can also be obtained at the border. Consists of 2 sheets (arrival and departure to the country), the output sheet should keep it until we abandon Laos (is the same procedure as in other countries, such as Thailand for example).
To illustrate the documentation, here you have some photos of the necessary paperwork to get a visa to Laos.

Immigration Form for Laos
Laos immigration form

Laos immigration form
Laos immigration form
Form to obtain a visa to Laos
Form to obtain a visa to Laos

Price of visa to Laos

The only cost of the visa for Laos are the rates payable for the issuance of the visa-on-arrival. Fees are paid in cash directly to the Lao authorities and vary depending on the nationality of the passport and also the time of arrival in Laos. The price of the visa to Laos ranges between $ 20 and $ 45.

nationalityPrice (USD)
Spain$ 35
Belgium$ 30
Sweden$ 31
Europe$ 35
USA$ 35
UK$ 35
Canada$ 42
Australia$ 30
India$ 40
China$ 20
other$ 30

Although officially are not collected taxes extras in the issuance of the visa to Laos, it is fairly current authorities to require the payment of $ 5 extras in case of not having photo. A supplement is also very common in case of night arrival $ 1 extra to Laos.

Visa to Laos more than 30 days

Unfortunately tourist visa to Laos lasts 30 days, if you exceed that period of time there is to pay a fine of $ 10 for each day that is exceeded. The more economical to stay more than 30 days in Laos alternative is to arrange an extension of visa to Laos.

Visa on -arrival for Laos
Visa on -arrival for Laos

Laos visa extension

To extend the visa to Laos, it is necessary to go in person to any Immigration Office, police station or travel agency. The price of the extension of visa to Laos is 2 $ per day extending over an additional cost of $ 3 for handling (extending the visa to Laos 1 additional month are $ 63).
To extend the visa it is necessary 1 passport-size photograph. The time to extend the visa to Laos is 1 day (Note: the extension of visa tends to be ready on the day, the application is submitted in the morning and collected visa afternoon).

The visa can range between 1 and 6 months depending on the type of visa (with the exception of transit visas, which do not support any extension).

Where extend the visa to Laos in Vientiane

Vientiane Immigration Office offers the Hatsady Street with crossing the Lane Xang Avenue (near Vientiane morning market). Opening hours 8:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00.

Where extend the visa to Laos in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang Immigration Office is on the street Monomai, after market Dara. Opening hours 8:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00.

Where extend the visa to Laos Pakse

There is no immigration office in Pakse and why visa has extended in the police station located in calle Thanon 10 (near the bridge which crosses the River Don Xe)

Multiple-entry visa to Laos

Not available multiple entry visa to Laos for tourists, it is only possible multiple entry visa to Laos for business visits.

Where is issued on -arrival visa to Laos

The visa-on-arrival to Laos is issued at all international airports in Laos, all bridges of friendship with Thailand, Tha Naleng of Vientiane train station and in the vast majority of land borders (with the exception of the borders with Myanmar / Burma):
  • Vientiane Wattay Airport
  • Pakse Airport
  • Luang Prabang Airport
  • Savannakhet Airport
  • Friendship Bridge to Vientiane
  • Friendship Bridge Thakaek
  • Friendship Bridge Savannakhet
  • Train station in Vientiane Tha Naleng
  • Land borders with China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia ( check if the visa processed or not a border to Laos in particular in our Southeast Asian forum)

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