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Pakse Airport

City Pakse It has an international airport: Pakse airport (code PKZ). Currently this airport only operates airline Lao Airlines with flights to Savannakhet, Luang Prabang and Vientiane, and international flights to Bangkok (Thailand) Danang (Vietnam) Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Siem Reap (Cambodia).

Pakse Airport Information

Pakse Airport is a small airport, but larger than the tiny Savannakhet Airport. Normally this is the gateway to the south of Laos, especially the area of Si Phan Don (4000 islands in the Mekong), a distance three hours by road south of Pakse.

ATMs and exchange offices at the airport in Pakse

Pakse Airport there are ATMs and there is also a House of change in order to change currency.
As council recommend bringing cash dollars lest the cashier is faulty or exchange house (there is only 1) is closed.

Change Currency in Pakse Airport
Change Currency in Pakse Airport

Taxi from airport to Pakse

Pakse airport there is taxi service where the price is fixed in advance to go to the Centre of Pakse. A taxi from Pakse airport to the Centre of Pakse costs a price fixed for 80,000 kip (7€), so it must pay at the counter which is located opposite the exit of the terminal (dollars, euros, baht and kip are accepted).

Airport Taxi in Pakse (Laos)
Airport Taxi in Pakse (Laos)

As a cheaper alternative, since there are no buses, is to use a tuk-tuk. Just outside the terminal delaeropuerto of Pakse, right hand left usually parked tuk-tuk whose price are 30,000 kip (3€) per person, but they do discount if traveling several people. In case there is no tuk-tuk at that time, just wait there itself, next to the road, since that part of the city of Pakse is fairly busy.

Pakse Airport (Laos)
Pakse Airport (Laos)

Visa on -arrival at the airport in Pakse

It is possible to process the on -arrival visa for Laos Pakse airport directly without the need for any prior proceedings online or at the Embassy of Laos.

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