Transportation in Pakse. Buses to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Bus Chitpasong (VIP buses) and Kai Kriang station. Night bus to Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang. Times and prices of buses.

Transportation in Pakse

Pakse is one of most important in the South of Laos and therefore, very well connected with the rest of cities in Laos and also the neighbouring countries (Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam). Buses, aircraft, trains, motorcycles, cars and boats, reviewed here in Pakse transportation options.

Getting to Pakse

Transportation to get to Pakse most common options are the plane and bus.

Aircraft and Pakse Airport

On the outskirts of Pakse, on the west side of the city, is the Pakse International Airport where the airline Lao Airlines is the only airline that operates flights with origin or destination Pakse. The airport is very close to the city centre, just a 5-minute tuk-tuk.

Lao Airlines plane at the airport in Pakse
Lao Airlines plane at the airport in Pakse

Buses to and from Pakse

The city of Pakse has excellent bus communications. Expensive tickets, prices low-cost of the bus and night bus makes bus transport most popular medium to move by Laos.

There are 4 stations of buses in Pakse:
  • Chitpasong bus station: also called bus station VIP or Pakse central station. It is located in the heart of the city of Pakse, a few meters from Pakse Hotel and the new market Tang Frères.

  • Kriang Kai bus station: popularly known by the nickname of the 2 km bus station. On some maps of Pakse is called at this point the station Kieng Kai.

  • North of Pakse station: located 10 km outside of Pakse.

  • South of Pakse station: commonly 8 km station, place where buses depart to the 4000 Islands of the Mekong.

Chitpasong bus station

The VIP bus from Pakse station. Place from which the buses king of bus to Thailand. It is the station of buses most used by foreign travellers, since buses are more comfortable, larger and higher quality. The Chitpasong bus station is located in the heart of Pakse, southwest of the city (there is a map at the end of the article).

Chitpasong bus station in Pakse
Chitpasong bus station in Pakse

To purchase bus tickets between Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam can be purchased directly at the box office the VIP Chitpasong Pakse station.

Chitpasong the southern bus station in the center of Pakse
Chitpasong the bus station downtown Pakse

Bus Kriang Kai (season km 2)

Kriang Kai bus station, also called Kieng Kai bus station or bus station in 2 km is the second most important bus from Pakse station. Located at 2 km to the East of the city of Pakse (10-15 minutes walk), is on the way to the Talat Dao Heung market (see to see and do in Pakse).

Buses in the north station Kieng Kai Pakse
Bus station in Pakse Kai Kieng

From Kriang Kai bus station there are buses to Vientiane, Luang Prabang and other cities in Laos. This bus station is partially covered by a Market Street in the open air which is mounted at its doors. Bus tickets can be purchased at the box office which is at the entrance of the bus station Kriang Kai or at any travel agency of the Centre of Pakse.

Kai Kriang bus station in Pakse
Bus Kriang Kai Pakse

Bus schedules Pakse

These are the bus times to different cities in Laos and buses to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Schedules domestic bus Pakse

origindestinationdeparture scheduleprice
PakseChampasak7:4535,000 kip
PakseDon Khong / Hatxaykoun7:4550,000 kip
PakseDon Det7:4550,000 kip
PakseDon Khone7:4550,000 kip
PakseVientiane7:45170,000 kip
PakseVangvieng7:45240,000 kip
PakseLuang Prabang7:45370,000 kip
PakseThakek (local bus)8:0090,000 kip
PakseSavannakhet (local bus)8:0070,000 kip
PakseChampasak8:0050,000 kip
PakseDon Khong8:0055,000 kip
PakseDon Det and Don Khon8:0055,000 kip
PakseThakek8:30170,000 kip
PakseVientiane (VIP bus)8:30170,000 kip
PakseVangvieng8:30245,000 kip
PakseLuang Prabang8:30355,000 kip
PakseSavannakhet (local bus)9:0070,000 kip
PakseThakek (local bus)9:0090,000 kip
PakseVientiane9:00140,000 kip
PakseSavannakhet (local bus)10:0070,000 kip
PakseThakek (local bus)10:0090,000 kip
PakseVientiane10:00140,000 kip

Bus schedules Pakse
Bus schedules Pakse
Schedules international bus Pakse
Pakse International Bus Schedules
VIP Bus Schedules Pakse
VIP Bus Schedules Pakse

Schedules international bus Pakse

International bus routes Pakse are: Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Pakse bus schedules - Cambodia

origindestinationdeparture scheduleprice
PakseStung Treng7:30130,000 kip
PakseKratie7:30180,000 kip
PakseKampong Cham7:30200,000 kip
PaksePhnom Penh7:30220,000 kip
PakseSiem Reap7:30250,000 kip

Pakse bus schedules - Thailand

origindestinationdeparture scheduleprice
PakseUbon Ratchathani7:4080,000 kip
PakseUbon Ratchathani15:0080,000 kip
PakseBangkok15:15270,000 kip

Pakse bus schedules - Vietnam

origindestinationdeparture scheduleprice
PakseHo Chi Minh City4:00340,000 kip
PakseLao Bao (VIP bus)6:30220,000 kip
PakseHue (VIP bus)6:30230,000 kip
PakseDanang (VIP bus)6:30250,000 kip
PakseDong Ha (VIP bus)6:30210,000 kip
PakseLao Bao6:30200,000 kip
PakseHue6:30220,000 kip
PakseDanang6:30240,000 kip
PakseHanoi7:30450,000 kip

Motorbike and Bicycle Pakse

One of the best ways to get around Pakse and its surroundings is by bike, to visit the plateau Bolaven Plateau will be necessary to rent a bike. In the Centre of Pakse, on the same road 13 may rent bicycles for 10,000 kip / day (1€) and also rent motorbike for 60,000 kip / day (6€).

Motorcycle Rental in Pakse
Motorcycle Rental in Pakse

Rent a car in Pakse

For a larger group of people who want to visit the surroundings of Pakse (Vat Phu for example) an interesting option is to rent a car with or without driver.

Car Hire in Pakse
Car Hire in Pakse

Map of Pakse

A map of downtown Pakse where Chitpasong stations and bus station Kriang Kai appear.

Map of Pakse
Map of Pakse - Laos

Video of the road Pakse - 4000 Islands of the Mekong

The 4 hour journey by road from Pakse of Si Phan Don (the 4000 islands of the Mekong) is by road van or minibus, here you have the video.

Video of the road Pakse - 4000 Islands of the Mekong

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