Where to eat in Pakse, restaurant recommendations to Pakse (Champasak, Laos). Restaurants Daolin, Jinya, Pizza Boy, Bolaven Caffe, Nazim and other places to eat in the city of Pakse.

Where to eat in Pakse

The vast majority of the restaurants in the city of Pakse crowd on the main Avenue, the Highway 13. With possibility to taste food from many parts of Asia and also local typical food Laotian, this is the guide of where to eat in Pakse.

Restaurants in Pakse (Champasak, Laos)

As it has become usual in Southeast Asia, many of the best restaurants in the city are Street restaurants. In the case of Pakse, it could not be an exception, being one of the best restaurants in Pakse Daolin, mixture of street restaurant and ice cream parlour restaurant.

restaurant Daolin

In the main street, Highway 13 from Pakse, is the restaurant Daolin. The specialities are food Lao, Vietnamese and western dishes. Price very tight and good quality, restaurant much frequented by tourists, backpackers and local population.

Daolin Restaurant in Pakse - Laos
Daolin Restaurant in Pakse - Laos

The few tables that have the capacity Daolin restaurant are plastic tables under an awning for protection from the sun and rain. The makeshift kitchen is in plain view, where we can browse some of the dishes that go there (although the letter of the menu comes with pictures).

Video Restaurant Pakse Daolin

This is a video of the restaurant Daolin Pakse, although it is a street restaurant is without doubt one of the best in town.

Video Restaurant Pakse Daolin

Jinya Japanese Restaurant

It's the only restaurant in Pakse Japanese, Jinja restaurant is located on 10th Street, very close to the new market of Pakse. A good choice to taste sushi in southern Laos.

Jinya Japanese Restaurant in Pakse - Laos
Jinya Japanese Restaurant - Pakse - Laos

The restaurant has a terreza Jinya, that we recommend in the evening, as the sun shines strongly in Laos at noon to eat outdoors.

Jinya Restaurant in Pakse - Laos
Jinya Restaurant in Pakse - Laos

Restaurant Pizza Boy

Its name does not deceive, pizza boy restaurant is the reference for those who want to eat Western food. Specialists in pasta and pizza, is located on the main street of Pakse, with Lankham hotel.

Boy Pizza Restaurant Pakse - Laos
Boy Pizza Restaurant Pakse - Laos

Nazim Restaurant

It's an Indian restaurant run by a family of expatriate Indians. Inexpensive, spicy and sobrosa, food with vegetarian dishes on its menu, the option recommended for vegetarian travelers.

Restaurant Icy Pooh

The Icy Pooh restaurant is one of the most popular sites among adolescents from Pakse. Run by a family of expatriate Vietnamese, the specialty is ice cream, but also it can chop something to eat. It is located at the end of the road 13, past the Daolin restaurant, on the way to the hotel Athena

Restaurant Icy Pooh (Pakse, Laos)
Icy Pooh Restaurant in Pakse - Laos

Bolaven Cafe Caffe Restaurant

With a more chic, the Bolaven Caffe Café is a place very popular with foreign tourists for a coffee and enjoy free WiFi. Located on Highway 13, also it is possible to eat and dine Western, Thai and Laotian food but one of the great attractions of this place is able to taste authentic coffee from the Bolaven Plateau.

Caffe Bolaven Pakse
Bolaven Cafe Caffe Pakse

Panda Restaurant Cafe

On the road 13, somewhat away from the Center is the Panda café restaurant, one of the lowest in the city. The relationship quality price is good, taking into account the low prices.

Panda Restaurant Cafe Pakse
Panda Restaurant Cafe Pakse - Laos

Friendship supermarket minimart

If the Panda café restaurant seem expensive, then you aconejamos buy supplies at the supermarket Friendship minimart, the option completely low-cost for those who visit Pakse in plan backpacker, located on the main road from Pakse.

Friendship supermarket minimart Pakse
Friendship supermarket minimart Pakse - Champasak - Laos

2B Travel Bar

Although it is not a restaurant if that is a place very picturesque and curious, the 2B Travel Bar is a mix between a ground floor room and a neighborhood bar, a good place to hang out. Located next to the Vietnamese Consulate in Pakse, in a street parallel to the Highway 13 from Pakse.

2B Travel Bar in Pakse
2B Travel Bar in Pakse - Laos

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