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Mui Ne

One of the most famous beach destinations of southern Vietanm is Mui Ne, a geographical headland located in the city of Phan Tiet (Binh Thuan province). Mui Ne is far 230 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City, who come to be 4 hours by bus line.

Mui Ne is a fishing village that has grown in tourist popularity due to its 10 miles of beach and the air currents that pass through the area, ideal for surfing and kitesurfing.

Sights of Mui Ne

Mui Ne area is an interesting destination as it is one of the few points of Vietnam, a tropical country, where we can find deserts dotted with sand dunes, canyons geographic, streams, remnants of the Cham civilization beach and one long run.

Arroyo Fairy

One of the most beautiful places of Mui Ne is the arroyo de las hadas, called Suoi Tien in Vietnamese and Fairy Stream in English.
is a small stream that runs through a forest of bamboo and dunes close to the village to zig-zag mode. The dunes of reddish color, coupled with the erosion of the passage of time, they resemble a miniature version of the Grand Canyon, in fact this part of Mui Ne is known with the name of the Red barrel.

Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien Fairy Stream) Mui Ne
Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien Fairy Stream)

The stream of the fairies of Mui Ne has a minimum depth of 10 cm and can reach in its deepest part 1 metre, enough to get lost if we are not careful.

The walk along the stream of fairies, just 2 kilometres, we recommend you do walk starting on the road from Mui Ne to Phan Tien to finish on the beach. Shallow water invites to walk barefoot, but caution that the sand can be hot.

During the walk through the stream of fairies almost safely you will have the company of children from the nearby village. These children will have you all sorts of adventures, will teach you the best points to climb the dunes and take a few pictures, in addition to indicate you the deepest points of the River, and oddly enough, speak very good English and any other language. In return they will expect your part an own small, 1€ is more than enough (about 25,000 VND).

Red Canyon Creek in fairies
Red Canyon at Mui Ne

Suoi Tien is situated 3 kilometres west of Mui Ne, between the beach and the main road . The stream of fairies is free access and although it does not as such opening hours, we recommend that you leave the place before the dark, i.e. about 16: 30.

How to reach the creek about fairies?

As scrolling options from Mui Ne up the stream of the fairies, in addition to the taxi and motorbike, we can go by bike or Jeep.

The price of a taxi or motorbike from Suoi Tien Mui Ne to be around 3€ each way. For the same price you can rent a bike all day. As a final alternative transportation, jeep, usually around 10€ per person, but that price includes a tour around Mui Ne 4 hours.

Sand dunes of Mui Ne

in a tropical country is unusual to find a desert full of Sand dunes. This area deserted, own of the Sahara, stretching from the province of Binh Thuan to Ninh Thuan, but the most attractive part is located in the vicinity of Mui Ne, near the stream of fairies.

Desert Sand Dunes in Mui Ne
Sand dunes of Mui Ne

Mui Ne desert has sand in 18 different colors, but the most famous dunes are the red sand dunes and white sand dunes.

Desert Red Sand Dunes (Doi Cat)

Although the surroundings of Mui Ne, and especially in the vicinity of the Creek of the fairies have lot of sand and reddish cannons, the most famous dunes are the red sand dunes (Doi Cat in Vietnamese) located just 1 kilometer North of Mui Ne.

The Red dunes cover an area desert 50 hectares, more characteristic of Arabia to Southeast Asia. Although the average temperature is 27 ° C, the Sun and sand can play a dirty trick, so we recommend that you go to the dunes first thing in the morning or in the afternoon (between 5: the 00 to 7: 00 or from 17: 00).

It is very normal to find us to children playing with plastic slide down the dunes, as if they were snow sleds. These children kindly offer us plastics that can slide us us also by the dunes, kindly us ensenarnan technique to slide down on the sand and also ask us money in return, usually half a euro.

Plastic gliding through the dunes of Mui Ne
Plastic gliding through the dunes of Mui Ne

As a recommendation we will tell you to watch out your backpacks, because if we neglect these chavalines can leave us without moving and without portfolio. Taking basic precautions and above all without leaving our belongings in their hands, we can enjoy together for an interesting day tour of the red dunes.

Desert white sand dunes (Bau Trang)

The following tourist Mui Ne dunes are dunes of white sand, known with the name of the White Lake, literal translation of the Vietnamese name Bau Trang. This interesting place is a freshwater lake split in two by a desert of white sand dunes-packed.

White sand dunes in Mui Ne (Vietnam)
White sand dunes in Mui Ne (Vietnam)

Bau Trang Lake covers an area of 70 hectares, in its widest part reaches 500 meters. The depth of the Lake is 19 meters, enough to find us some small wooden boat which we rented for a gentle walk by the Lake. On the Lake you can see lotus flowers, herbs of green and also ducks, fish and other marine faunia (quiet, there are no crocodiles). Is allowed to swim in the Lake, who joined the heat in the area we recommend not to miss the opportunity and bring bathing suit to the white sand dunes.
To the North of the dunes of white sand, there is a small forest of Willows that is ideal for mounting a tent and a picnic.

These dunes are located 20 km northeast of Mui Ne, and precisely because of their remoteness are less tourist than the Red dunes. It is important to indicate that it is not allowed to access with vehicles (motorcycle or jeep) therefore any excursion to the white sand of Mui Ne dunes, leave us on the road and will be walking through the desert.

Lake lotus flowers

The two lakes comprising Bau Trang are called Bau NGOs and Ba Bau, Bau Ba the eldest of 2. Right in middle of the Ba Bau Lake, we have the famous point where waters are covered with Lotus flowers, this place is known with the name of the Lake of flowers of Lotus (Lotus Lake in English). The Vietnamese in the area cultivated these lotus flowers to use their seeds and stems.

White Lake Bau Trang (Mui Ne, Vietnam)
White Lake Bau Trang (Mui Ne, Vietnam)

How to get to the sand dunes of Mui Ne?

Getting to the red sand dunes is relatively simple, it can bike, motorbike, taxi, jeep or even walk.

Scrolling options white sand dunes are reduced, we recommend renting a bike or a jeep tour directly with that visit the two dunes (red and white) and a point of Mui Ne (normally the stream of fairies).
If we decided to bike to the white dunes, it is important to park the bike in a secure parking lot, for example in the parking located right at the entrance to the dunes (at that point we also have the option of renting a plastic slide down the sand).

Torre Poshanu (Po Sah Inu or Cham tower)

Probably the vestige of civilization more famous Champa of Mui Ne is the torre Poshanu, also called Tower Po Inu Sah or Cham Tower.

Poshanu Cham Tower in Mui Ne (Vietnam)
Poshanu Cham Tower in Mui Ne

is 3 towers of the reign Champa dating from the 9th century, towers that remain the architectural precepts Hoa Lai typical of Cham architecture. In that same area stood a temple, destroyed 300 years ago, today a modern pagoda takes its place. In the interior of the main tower, called the Princess Tower, there is an altar dedicated to the goddess Shiva.

During the first month of the year (according to the lunar calendar), these remains Champa host festivals Rioja Nuga and Poh Mbang Yang, where residents made offerings and prayers to attract good luck and rain.

Just 100 metres to the South of the Champa towers, we have the remains of the French villa built by the Duke of Montpensier in 1910. This villa was the most famous of the Phan Tiet, not only by its 500 square meters and its 13 rooms, but was also fitted with electricity and running water. The Vietnamese called this town Princess Castle (villa Lau NGO Hoang). Was unfortunately destroyed in 1940 during the Indochina war.

The towers and remains of the Champa civilization, are the same style of Nha Trang Pagoda Ponagar (see Nha Trang Tourist Attractions).

The Champa towers are situated 6 kilometres west of Mui Ne, the Ba Nai Hill, located on the road that joins Phan Tiet and Mui Ne (just opposite the cemetery) . The price of admission are 10,000 VND (less than 0.5€), and the opening hours is from 7: 30 to 11: 30 and 13: 30 to 16: 30.

The beach of Mui Ne

The largest tourist attraction of Mui Ne is undoubtedly its beaches, such as the famous beach of Mui Ne called Rang Beach (Bai Rang), but we can also find other beaches such as the Doi Duong Beach southwest of Phan Tien.

Mui Ne beach
Mui Ne beach

Mui Ne was a fishing village that during the Decade of the 90s underwent a great tourist transformation due to its 15 miles of beach. Currently have an important Vietnamese enclave with many luxury resorts, a perfect Beach to practice kitesurf and surf, a golf course designed by Nick Faldo himself and also one of the points of Vietnam where the probability of rain is minimal.

In addition to visiting the sand dunes of Mui Ne and water sports, the fishermen of the area, which typically start at dusk, will enable us to accompany them to the sea if we ask him, we recommend not to miss this unique experience.

Kite surfing and windsurfing in Mui Ne

For the more adventurous, we recommend practicing Kitesurf in Mui Ne. The best months of the year are from November to April, where the winds are most favorable.

Kitesurfing on the beach of Mui Ne
Kitesurfing on the beach of Mui Ne

It is very normal that heaven of Mui Ne beach is covered with kites for kitesurfing, especially in the eastern part of the beach, next to hotel Sunshine Beach resort (there is situated the school C2Sky kite center) and also at the end of the beach, just south of Mui Ne (place known by the name of Malibu beach).
We can hire a kitesurf monitor to give a few classes on virtually any point on the beach or in multiple resorts in the area, the average price of kitesurft in Mui Ne classes tends to be around 50€ per hour, material is rented separately, for about 5€ per day. If you want to start you in surfing or kite surfing, we recommend the western part of the beach, where there are fewer people.

Market and Port of Mui Ne

at dusk we recommend to get close to the Port of Mui Ne (Lang chai Mui Ne), where you can see countless small boats and fishing boats of the inhabitants of Mui Ne, one of the most striking is a round pot that is named Thung Chai.

Mui Ne's port is located at the eastern end of the beach, close to the town of Mui Ne.
Fishermen from the port of Mui Ne us will sell if ask it the catch of the day, where we can get fish and fresh seafood is very good about price. Also we can accompany the fishermen into the sea in their boats if we want to.

Fishing port of Mui Ne
Fishing port of Mui Ne

The fish sauce factory in Mui Ne

One of the ingredients in many recipes of the Vietnamese cuisine is fish sauce (nuoc mam in Vietnamese). There is a fish sauce factory in the vast majority of seaports in Vietnam and Mui Ne was not going to be an exception.

Fish sauce factory in Mui Ne
Fish Sauce Factory Mui Ne

Vietnamese fish sauce Nuoc Mam is composed primarily of anchovies and squid juice. In the fish sauce factory in Mui Ne, we will see huge vats where the mixture is prepared, and after several months under a blazing sun, this concoction is finally converted into fish sauce Nuoc Mam subsequently distributed throughout Vietnam. The smell coming from is quite strong, while some airlines do not allow carry fish sauce in luggage.

Location fish sauce factory in Mui Ne

The Mui Ne fish sauce factory is located just at the end of the stream of the fairies, he is accessed from the road from the beach of Mui Ne, Huynh Thuc Khang Street no. 63.

Other tours by Mui Ne and Phan Thiet

Other touristic points and excursions that can be made, because, but not so near Mui Ne Phan Thiet are Temple Van Thuy Tu, Ke Ga Lighthouse, the School Duc Thanh and Ta Ku mountain.

Van Thuy Tu Temple

It is a temple situated in the heart of Phan Thiet where we can see more than 100 skeletons of whales, some of them more than 150 years old.

Ta Ku Mountain

The point of tourist interest more distant of Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, about 30 kilometers southwest of the city of Phan Thiet. It is a mountain with excellent views to the coast where the highlight is a statue of Buddha lying 50 meters long. In the vicinity of Ta Ku mountain also have a Buddhist temple and to climb to the top, a cable car.

Travel to Mui Ne

Scrolling options to Mui Ne or better said, How to go to Mui Ne?. Mui Ne is located in the southeast of Vietnam, halfway between Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang.
We have buses from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), which takes about 5 hours to get to Mui Ne, its price tends to be around 4€. There are many buses and different schedules, but the more typical schedule is out first thing in the morning to reach Mui Ne at noon from Ho Chi Minh City. The best place to find a bus to Mui Ne in Ho Chi Minh City is the Pham Ngu Lao Street, on the other side of the Park next to the Ben Thanh market and in front of the New World hotel (you can ask for the Crazy Buffalo Saigon cafe, which is in the vicinity).

We can use any of the buses that go to Mui Ne, Dalat and Nha Trang. Their departure from Saigon hours are usually 8: 30, 13: 30 and 1: 00 in the morning. Arriving at Mui Ne, resting 30 minutes and the bus made the reverse journey, i.e. from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh City.

As a second alternative transportation to Mui Ne we train. We recommend the bus, Ho Chi Minh City railway station is somewhat away from the center of the city (District 1), and the train stop closest to Mui Ne is Phan Thiet, about 18 kilometers from Mui Ne, besides the price of the train ticket is practically the same as the bus fare.

The taxi is a valid transport means to go from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne, the price will be around 60€ per way, that it can go to tell if you are a large group of people.

Overnight in Mui Ne

Accommodation in Mui Ni or rather, where to stay in Mui Ne? alternatives.

Mui Ne resorts are located directly opposite the beach, along the Street Nguyen Dinh Chieu, one of our favorites is the Grace Boutique resort.

The most typical resort are the Blue Ocean, Seahorse, Pandanus, Terracotta and Victoria Resort, where the views from the room are very good.

Resorts, hotels and lodging in Mui Ne
Resorts, hotels and lodging in Mui Ne

Where to eat in Mui Ne

The different options of where to eat in Mui Ne?. A recommendation we make is the Bamboo Bamboo restaurant (calle Nguyen Dinh Chieu No. 81) specialist in food Thai and Vietnamese. A typical restaurant Vietnamese Mui Ne is the Lam Tong restaurant (calle Nguyen Dinh Chieu No. 92). For those who want to taste seafood and fresh fish, the best are the street restaurants in the vicinity of the market of Mui Ne.

Map of Mui Ne

This is a map of Mui Ne, where we highlight the tourist attractions of Mui Ne: Red dunes and white dunes, the beach of Mui Ne, the Champa remains, the arroyo de las hadas, the factory of fish sauce, the Ta Ku mountain, etc...

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