The largest church in Nha Trang Nha Trang Cathedral. Catholic Cathedral built by the French in 1933, located in the Plaza Ave Maria of Nha Trang (Vietnam) along the railway station

Nha Trang Cathedral

The city of Nha Trang is known for its beaches, however this seaside tourist town of Vietnam has a few very nice interest points, such as for example the Cathedral of Nha Trang, located on a small hill 1 kilometer away from the beach.

The largest church in Nha Trang

The Nha Trang Cathedral is the largest church in the city of Nha Trang, built by the French in the year 1933 and entirely performed in commented, is located on a small hill of just about 10 meters in height, enough to maximize the impressive construction dating back to the year 1933.
As a curiosity we will tell the Vietnamese call this Cathedral the cathedral mountain, in reference to its location.

Cathedral Nhatrang
Cathedral Nhatrang

Information Nha Trang Cathedral

This neo-Gothic-style Cathedral was inaugurated on 14 May of the year 1993 by father Louis Valley. The Nha Trang Cathedral occupies an area of 760 m2 with capacity for 600 people, the Cathedral gardens and the outdoor range 2500 m2. The Cathedral is entirely made of cement reinforced and equipped with a colorful stained-glass Windows.

Front door of the cathedral of Nha Trang
Front door of the Cathedral
Situated on a hill about 10 meters high, this hill before the construction of the cathedral was much higher, however the French used explosive charges to 500 and level the land and build the access road, reducing the height of the hill on which sits the cathedral of Nha Trang.

Inside the church floors were paved using rocks, but the most striking are the neon lights adorning the cathedral. We have red neons behind the crucifix, a form of white lights halo over the statue of the Virgin Mary, neon pink in the tabernacle and every one of the arches of the structure, neon blue.

The exterior of the Cathedral of Nha Trang are decorated with numerous statues of saints.

Access to the Cathedral of Nha Trang

There are two ways to access the Cathedral of Nha Trang: a staircase rising from the square and Ave Maria Nguyen Trai small road on the left rear of the cathedral (to climb by car or motorcycle).

Hours of Nha Trang Cathedral

The Nha Trang Cathedral is open Monday through Saturday from 5:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon. Sunday from 4:30 until 20:00 in the afternoon.

Tombstones of the Cathedral of Nha Trang

Accedmos Nha Trang Cathedral across the street Nguyen Trai, see 4000 tombstones mounted on the sides of the Cathedral (including the tomb of Father Louis Valley).

Headstones in the cathedral of Nha Trang
Headstones in the cathedral of Nha Trang

This unusual picture has an explanation: very close to the cathedral was a cemetery where he was buried important Christian locals (Bishop Marcel Piquet among others). In 1988, due to the expansion of the railway and the building of railroads, it was necessary to move the cemetery and decided to locate the tombs in the cathedral.

Video of the Cathedral of Nha Trang

Location Nha Trang Cathedral

The Nha Trang Cathedral is located in the plaza Ave Maria, just in front of the intersection of 6 blocks and probably the busiest of all Nha Trang.

Church of Nha Trang
Church of Nha Trang

For guidance it is best to ask the train station in Nha Trang, located just behind the cathedral, about 1 kilometer from the beach.

The square Ave Maria

The most beautiful picture of the Cathedral of Nha Trang is obtained without a doubt from plaza Ave Maria. This small paved square, decorated by rocks of limestone, plants, trees and bonsai.

Ave Maria Square in Nha Trang
Ave Maria Plaza Nha Trang

Right across from the Plaza Ave Maria, have a few Vietnamese cafes to stop along the way.

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