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Vietnam Visa Types

Types of Visa to Vietnam

Vietnam tourist visa

Types of Visa

There are two types of visas: Visa normal and endorsed in situ (known as "visa on arrival").

Below you will see the differences between the two

Normal visa

visa on arrival
price 70€ 12€ 45$ (approx. 60$)
where you get Vietnam Embassy in Spain airport of Hanoi and Saigon airport
required passport photo, photo, passport, letter of invitation and form

Normal visa

It takes about a week, you need to be in the Vietnam Embassy in Spain (c/Segre 5, Madrid) Passport in hand, pay rates (70€), deliver a Photo size card and return to the Ext week.

Visa on arrival

Important: this visa is only valid if it is to reach the country by plane and only for airports in Hanoi and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

First, it is necessary to obtain a letter of invitation from the Government of Vietnam. These letters are ordered by internet and its price is around $20 dollars.

Once we have the letter in our possession, we must carry it with us to the destination airport (Hanoi or Saigon only).

At the airport and before collecting our bags, we will head to the window where visas expended. Will fill a form with our data, we will deliver the letter of invitation, Passport size Photo card and $45 dollars. 5 Minutes later, we will have our visa.

As advice, I recommend to carry a pen and above all, have enough money to pay the visa fees.

In the area of the airport immigration vietnam no ATMs, and convince a Vietnamese immigration police to escort you to the nearest ATM no easy task.

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