Alternative travel to visit the ancient capital of Ayutthaya Siam (Thailand). Information, times and prices of buses to Ayutthaya, minibuses and vans from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, train and boat

How to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok?

The former capital of the Kingdom of Siam, the current Ayutthaya Historical ParkIt is an excellent tour in 1 day on the outskirts of the city of Bangkok (Thailand). Ayutthaya is 76 kilometers north of Bangkok, with what is necessary to achieve a means of transport to get to this place. The question now is How to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya?

Types of transport from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Luckily Ayutthaya is very well connected with the Bangkok Thai capital. We can go to Ayutthaya in train, regular line bus, vans, minibuses and also by boat. For speed and convenience, we recommend vans / minibuses, which already run through the road Bangkok - Ayutthaya in a direct way without making intermediate stops and are also very cheap.

Note: is convenient to take into account that one thing is the Ayutthaya Historical Park and the other, the current city of Ayutthaya.

Vans Minibuses tourist from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

The way more quickly and conveniently navigate to Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya Historical Park) are minibuses or vans. They have a frequency of between 20 and 30 minutes, it takes 1 hour to traverse the distance of 80 kilometres between Bangkok and Ayutthaya. The price of the ticket roundtrip cost 60 baht (1.5€).

Where do these vans depart Ayutthaya destination?

These vans or minibuses have output in the next to the Century Mall bus station the Movie Plaza (Victory Monument BTS Skytrain stop) and your destination is Ayutthaya without stops (or one or two stops) for lowering some local.

Century The Movie Plaza Bangkok
Century The Movie Plaza Bangkok (Thailand)

On the same sidewalk where is located the shopping center Century the Movie Plaza of Bangkok, about 30 meters on the left hand of the picture have a small station of buses and vans, but this is not. Minibuses with direction of Ayutthaya are a little further away, in a bus or vans, which is semi-covered station where some large posters of red color on the sidewalk lay Ayutthaya.

This photograph shows the first station vans (this station is not, you have to walk a bit more).

Minibuses bus station to Ayutthaya
Minibuses bus station near Century the Movie Plaza

And finally we come to the station where cruise minibuses bound for Ayutthaya.

Vans and buses Ayutthaya address
Vans and minibuses from Bangkok to Ayutthaya address

Minibuses Ayutthaya - Bangkok
Minibuses Ayutthaya - Bangkok

Map of station vans minibuses Bangkok to Ayutthaya

To avoid confusion, this is an interactive map of the area of Bangkok where the bus station to catch the vans bound for Ayutthaya. As shown in the map, the exit area of Ayutthaya vans minibuses is halfway between the shopping center Century the Movie Plaza and Victory Monument, about 80 meters north of the mall.

Where do return vans bound Ayutthaya Bangkok?

Vans returning from Ayutthaya Bangkok address since the end of the Street Naresuan, place easily recognizable because there are a multitude of vans, minibuses and buses.

Ticket price of van minibus to Ayutthaya

Vans or minibuses to Ayutthaya tickets are sold directly at the station ticket office, distrust of any stranger that you attempt to sell tickets in the vicinity.
Once in the interior of the station, should locate the box office where lay Ayutthaya, in this case the box office no. 10, where you can purchase the tickets for round-trip Bangkok - Ayutthaya for a price 60 baht person (1.5€).

Transport Bangkok Ayutthaya box office
Transport Bangkok Ayutthaya box office

Hours of vans minibuses for Ayutthaya

These vans or minibuses that cover the route Bangkok - Ayutthaya circulate from 6: 20 to 20: 00 (ida, sense => Ayutthaya Bangkok) and from 4: 50 until 18: 00 (felt round, => Bangkok Ayutthaya), with a frequency of 20 - 30 minutes (less if the van is full).
Although the schedule is written on the ticket, we recommend ensuring the observance of times with the driver or the box office staff to keep the last van or minibus from Ayutthaya to Bangkok direction.

Ticket vans Ayutthaya
Ticket priced vans Ayutthaya and schedules

Regular bus line from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

You can go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya in buses with air conditioning. They cost half that vans or minibuses, i.e. the bus fare are 50 baht (1.25€) and it takes 2 hours to reach Ayutthaya, since it performs various intermediate stops as a regular bus line that is. The lines of regular buses covering the route Bangkok Ayutthaya are the 3, 77 and 99 bus lines.

Ayutthaya-bound buses leave from the bus station in the North of Bangkok called Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal. They have a frequency of between 20 and 30 minutes, with hourly from 5: 30 until 18: 00 approximately.

Bus from Bangkok to Ayutthaya (Thailand)
Bus from Bangkok to Ayutthaya (Thailand)

How to get to the bus station in Bangkok?

Best to arrive at the station of buses North of Bangkok is to catch the BTS Skytrain and get off at the Mo Chit station (the same bus stop than to go to the) Chatuchak Market). If you opt for the (MTS) metro subway stops are subway Chatuchak MTS or MTS Bang Sue underground.

Train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

The shift option more economic and also the slowest is the train. It takes 2 hours and a half to 3 hours to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya using the railway.

Trains with destination Ayutthaya depart from Hua Lamphong railway station located in the stop Street Thanon Rong Mueang of metro MTS Hua Lamphong (eye which is the MTS metro, not the BTS skytrain), very close to the Centre of Bangkok, about 4 kilometers from Khaosan Road.

The price of the train ticket varies according to the class. Seats in first class cost 250 baht, seats in 3rd class cost 15 baht (0.35€) but beware that some rogue Thai would try to tell you that there are no third class tickets or a foreigner can not buy them.

Sea freight from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

There is a public ferry as such covering the route Bangkok Ayutthaya but yes there are several private companies that perform this journey and therefore, for those who want to navigate to the ancient capital of Ayutthaya will have to hire a tourist tour boat up to Ayutthaya. The most famous companies are River Sun Cruise, Chao Phraya Express Boat and Eastern Queen & Ayutthaya Princess.

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