The most common scams in Thailand. Scams and scammers in Bangkok Thailand. The scam of the temple closed, the Thai girlfriend pregnant, the tuk-tuk scam, Khaosan Road thefts, scams in Phuket jet skis, scooters theft, problems with ping pong shows.

Scams in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful tourist destination that blends modernity and tradition to equal parts, a great place for shopping and also to relax on beautiful beaches. To enjoy the trip it is suitable to take precautions and to warn future travelers, here I discussed the most common scams in Thailand.

The 12 most common scams in Thailand

These are the most common scams and scams in Thailand, as we tell you the same advice that puts on signs of Grand Palace in Bangkok: distrust of friendly strangers.

The temple / tourist attraction is closed

If by some casual case on the street a person how to reach a particular temple or tourist attraction, is very frequent that you say that coincidentally is closed. Why is varied, most popular arguments because it is relaxing to eat, that that day is closed by an official act, the box office closes a few hours before, the travel guide is outdated, etc... As alternative you offer a boat / taxi / tuk-tuk that will lead you to "somewhere else". Kindly ignore his words and keep walking.

This kind of scam is quite frequent in the vicinity of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, while attempting to locate the access door. The best thing to confirm schedules and price is ask at tourist information offices.

The fair / temple opens only once a month / year

Also known as the big buddha and lucky buddha. Tourist anywhere in the city some person you approximate is to tell you that just that day is open a temple (the Temple of the lucky buddha), a fair of jewelry, or a shopping mall where taxes are not paid. That you guys lucky because it is the only day or week a month or year in which it is open. Obviously this temple there will (take you to any of the city without any tourist interest), the shop is a shop where they take Commission and the Mall is a shopping mall ordinary.

Frauds and Scams in Thailand
Frauds and Scams in Thailand

The incorrect change

Many shops and stalls will try to take advantage of the ignorance of the currency of Thailand (baht) to give you less lap of which corresponds, especially if you pay with euros or dollars. They will normally try to BREW 100 Baht instead of 1000 baht notes. Council, review the change before leaving the box.

The taxi from the airport and taxis that do not put the meter

Like the vast majority of international airports in the world, lots of land in Thailand pirate taxi drivers will take you closer to to the city center. For the Bangkok airport where there are official counters are hired a taxi to our destination. The cost of the race is fixed (about 400 baht, about 10€).

Also frequent is that when you pick up a taxi the taxi driver it will try to negotiate the price of the race instead of the taximeter arguing that the taxi company pays them little and so can keep his family. Unless the price of the journey, know very well normally will be paid up to 10 times more by the race. As Council than the taxi always use the taximeter and if he refuses, take another taxi.

Taxis in Thailand
Taxis, taxis and scams in Thailand

The Good Samaritan and the Tuk - tuk cheap

Some good Samaritan that speaks perfect English os approaches to kindly tell us addresses or tell you nice somewhere in the city. This person will say that he is a teacher, businessman, an individual with family abroad, etc... that it coincidentally works at the turn of the corner. You will recommend to go to those places a company's tuk-tuk which is very cheap, coincidentally happen at the same time a tuk-tuk from the above-mentioned company.

Although not a scam in the sense, that good Samaritan like the tuk-tuk driver can not be trusted. The tuk - tuk will give you around and around the city to take you to the shops and places where the tuk-tuk driver gets a commission, in the form of money or gasoline. Basically you lose precious time and any kind of recommendation that I make the driver on restaurants, shops and places to see, not very reliable.

The jet ski / scooter that has been damaged during use

Very popular on the beaches of Phuket scam. To rent a water bike or scooter is required to leave passport, pay a deposit and sign a form where we do charge for any damage caused to the vehicle. After using the moto of water and return it to its owner / shop, the owner will argue that the bike has been damaged, do not work, etc... a couple of guys on jet skis will surely come to confirm that they have seen how dañabais the Jet Ski, moment in which ask you money and amanezaran to call the police. You can even that a buddy is disguised as if it were a police officer and I antagonist with jail if not paid the money to the owner of the Jet Ski.
In the case of scooters, they often have copies of keys of the bike and also padlock that be used to steal the scooter while visiting any monument.

At least you to be a very large group, best not to rent jet skis, and in the case of rent that bike, that any damage, scratches, etc... is written in the contract. For the case of scooters, better take a taxi or walk.

Night buses

Many cases that any passenger will use any night buses are given cluelessness or dream to steal you all I can. Usually do not take all the money in the portfolio, but rather about how many tickets are left for that at a first glance it may seem that everything is correct.

Pigeons of the Grand Palace

In major places of Thailand, especially in the Grand Palace in Bangkok, some elderly lady who is feeding the pigeons will ask you that If you also want to feed the pigeons, in the event such acepteis lady will ask you a small amount of money (20 baht, 0.5€) to buy more food, moment that will take advantage of to go and his sidekick will you ask much more money arguing that you have caught all the food of the poor woman.

Khaosan Road hostels and drunk tourists

Begins to be much a scam in the hostels and hostels Khaosan Road where is access to the rooms of the tourists while they are out to steal mobile phones, photo cameras and notebooks. Also during some revelry night if the guest arrives very drunk in the room, the hotel staff will take advantage of the moment to steal money or belongings.

Stains on clothes

If by some chance a bird makes you poop on top or a stranger you pour coffee or any kind of thing on your clothes, huid place and above all that anyone you touch, as they will try to take advantage of the confusion to steal you portfolio and anything of value.

The erotic shows and drinks

In the streets where it abounds the night entertainment is very common that some public relations invite you enter its premises to see a ping pong show, lady boys, dancers striptease, etc... no cost to only beers are worth 100 Baht (2.5€). You will try to quit you will discover that beverages not costing 100 Baht but 1000 baht, you have misunderstood the public relations and that of course you have to make you pay the Bill.

The Thai girlfriend scam
The Thai girlfriend scam and ping pong shows

The beautiful Thai girl

This scam is that a Thai girl beautiful fall exhausted to the charms of any trusted foreign man. This girl invite you to his house / room, arriving will ask that you give a shower before starting the night of love, time that will use it to clean your pockets and running out.

Other similar scams consist of once you return to your country of origin, that pretty girl she became pregnant and therefore you will need money for keeping your child or abort. Perhaps I write because I want to study your language at the University (University private and very expensive by the way).

Frauds and Scams in Thailand: how to avoid it?

With the risk of sounding ungrateful and unfriendly people, you should not talk to any local person who is close to you willingly and selflessly offer help and advice. Around any tourist place, especially the Grand Palace in Bangkok, avoid contact with strangers conversations and monitor and belongings at all times. In the hotels have safes, valuables deposit provided the hotel to take care of them and be provided a list of the objects it contains.

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