Tourist visa to Thailand. Entry and exit rates to Thailand. Thai Embassy and visa over 30 days to Thailand. Penalty for exceeding the stay in Thailand. Bangkok Immigration Office.

Visa to Thailand

To travel to Thailand is no longer necessary visa, with the valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months can stay in Thailand for a period of 30 days (in the case of arriving in the country by plane), or for a period of 15 days (If we accede to Thailand through a land or sea border).

Tourist visa to Thailand

Visa to Thailand a few years ago Yes was necessary, but thanks to an agreement between countries in 2008, the need for tourist visa to Thailand has been abolished for 41 countries (Spain and most of Europe). In the case of wanting to remain in Thailand for a period exceeding 30 days (15 according to the border that is accessed) if needed a visa to Thailand, issued by the Thai Embassy in any country, although there are also other options, for example reside in Thailand without any visa.

Stay in Thailand for a period exceeding 30 days

It is legal to stay in Thailand for a period longer than 30 days without any visa, however to the abandoned Thailand has to pay a fine. That fine is 500 baht per day (15$). Depending on the number of extra days that will remain in Thailand, may agree to take a bus to leave Thailand and subsequently return, catch a plane ticket back and forth to a neighbouring country (e.g.: Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos,...), or ask for a visa extension.

Penalty for stay in Thailand without a visa

As we have discussed the fine payable for stay in Thailand for a period longer than 30 days without a visa are 500 baht per day which is exceeded. The maximum fine amount is limited to 20,000 baht (aprox. 500€). That fine is paid cash to cross the border of output of Thailand, immigration or controls you can pay in advance at any Thai immigration office (in this case there is to retain your receipt and present it on the border of output).

For example, this is the airport desk international Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok where the fine is paid by gate more time than allowed in Thailand (signs are fine for overstay).

Departure Tax in Thailand
Departure Tax in Thailand

Extension of visa to Thailand

The best way to avoid problems and fines is to extend the visa. How does extend the visa to Thailand? very simple, you have to attend any immigration office, teach the passport and pay 1900 baths (about 45€). The extension of visa lasts between 7 and 10 days of extension, depending on the border of entry and the Immigration Office.

Bangkok Immigration Office

The Immigration Office more used by tourists to extend their visa to Thailand is the Bangkok Immigration Office. Located on the Street 120 Mu 3 Chaeng Watthana Soi 7, Thung Song Hong district (approximately 3 kilometres north of the) Chatuchak Market).

Note: the Immigration Office has changed its location, many travel guides are still pointing to the previous address, the Street Soi Suan Phlu.

Hours Bangkok Immigration Office
The immigration office Bankgok open from 9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday.

Visa to Thailand for 60 days

In the case of wanting to stay within the borders of Thailand for a period exceeding 30 days, there is a tourist visa from 60 days (visa to Thailand for 2 months). This visa issued it any Thailand Embassy or Consulate Thai, but beware, you have to apply this visa before arriving in Thailand.

Business Visa to Thailand

If the reason for the visit to Thailand is not tourist (eg: business trip, study, visit relatives, etc) the Thailand Embassy or the Consulate of Thailand issued visas to Thailand from 90 days (3 months), after presenting the appropriate roles.

Visa to Thailand from the Thai Embassy

The Embassy of Thailand issued a tourist with a duration of 60 days and a single entry visa. This visa is issued with a maximum of 90 days in advance, i.e., if in 3 months is not used the visa to Thailand is lost. The price of the visa to Thailand at the Embassy are 30€.

The requirements to qualify for the visa to Thailand are:

Thai Embassy in Madrid

The Embassy of Thailand in Madrid is located in the Calle Joaquín Costa nº 29 (metro nuevos ministerios and metro Argentine Republic). The telephone number of the Thai Embassy in Madrid is 91 563 29 03.

Immigration Form for Thailand

Before crossing any border Thailand authorities delivered us a little tab of paper similar in size to an airline ticket, this tab is nothing more than the form of immigration to Thailand. Reflected in any border post and in the case of reaching Thailand using the aircraft, the own airline will provide us with this form.

Thailand immigration arrival form
Thailand immigration arrival form

You have to fill in a series of basic data (name, address of the accommodation in Thailand, during the visit, etc...).

Thailand Immigration Form
Thailand Immigration Form

This form of immigration should keep it and present it to leave Thailand, to avoid losses and losses, authorities usually stapled to the Passport.

Entry and exit rates to Thailand

To travel to Thailand it is not necessary to pay any fee, nor rates of input or output rates. Yes a few years ago they paid, Thai authorities subsequently decided to include such rates in the prices of airline tickets and were finally removed to increase tourism.

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